Apartment Living

Apartment Living

In and around the North Dallas area has some of the most prestigious living areas the city has to offer. The apartments in North Dallas area provides the living in comfort and location that’s easy to travel too. Almost anything you would need in minute’s reach. Schools would only be minutes away alongside shopping in stores and malls.

The entertainment and nightlife is filled with restaurants and dance clubs. The apartments can range from different prices with a full range that just about any budget could afford.

You have your typical one to two bedrooms in an apartment style living. Some of these are one level, so there is no need to climb stairs. That makes it easy on the elderly and disabled. They sport friendly prices range from $400 – $600. The price is determined by the area and convinces that you would need. Most of these are near bus lines that can help you get where you need to travel too. On the downside, you won’t be looking at having on-site gyms and other anonymity. Some have pools and on-site coin laundry to wash your clothes.

Then we have the medium priced range for apartments. These will fall in around $600 – $1000. You will be looking at two and three bedrooms, and better locations make theses a popular choice for most people. They’re not short on anonymity’s either. They can have full-size pools with diving boards. Including club houses with pool tables and sometimes even a full bar on-site! No more DUI’s as walking home isn’t far way. Full site laundry and workout rooms make this a popular choice. Not to mention free month rent, low deposit, and other types of move in specials. With all this, it’s easy to see why people prefer this price range of well build apartments over any other.

Now we move on to the final price range reserved for the rich and wealthy. Keep in mind these can go way up a month. $5000 a month isn’t unheard of for top level living. Most of these are found in the business areas and are high rise buildings. Well built and have many price ranges and different bells and whistles that you can choose from. Parking garages attached to the building using elevator access isn’t uncommon either. On-site kitchen and catering services are available as well.

You can even rent a helicopter flight, and some building have a landing pad for you to board the chopper via the roof. One of the most expensive ways to travel (and you thought cab fares are outrageous) but if you got the cash they got the pad to make it happen. Cleaning services are also available for the right price, of course. You could have your own maid right on-site but not living with you directly. Large dine-in style restaurants with 5-star services. These can be found either top floors or at the bottom. They can be private to the building residents and guests, or open to the public as well.

As you can see, the Dallas area has many choices when it comes to living. You just have to select the right place in a zone that offers you the most for your dollar.