Land for Shale Gas Extraction

Land for Shale Gas Extraction

We will be focusing mostly on the type of real estate land available for shale gas collection than the industry as a whole. Some of the apartments in North Dallas area sit on land that can be used for shale gas extracting. You would need permission of the property owner of course before you can start a project. The best way to get on the property is to contact the owner of apartments to inspect the land for shale gas.

You will need a contract ready that sets some standards and puts the owner in on a type of payment structure, if you locate any gas. Try to get them to allow access for detection of the gas for free.

Let them know if any is found they can expect to see a 25% of a cut from profits. Be prepared to go higher as they will most likely have a counter offer ready. If they won’t allow you to inspect for free, try a simple payment of like $100 and we only need 3-5 hours access to the property. Make sure you keep this fee low as you don’t know if there is any there or not.

Land that is undeveloped is another likely choice. It could yield bigger profits if the area bought at the right price. In some cases, if the area cost is high shale gas extraction from it could still yield a nice profit. When finding land, you’re interested in talk to the owner and see if he would let you inspect the property as you are very likely to purchase the earth. Most of the time, they will agree. You can then check the area for free before you buy it. I wouldn’t let them know your real intentions.

If you find good amounts of shale gas, then the price of the land will go way up. They might even not sell the earth and try to extract it themselves or find a buyer in the shale gas industry and sell to them. Just let them know you’re checking soil and rock amount on the ground below to make sure it’s up to your standards. Offer to fix anything that gets destroyed in the process at no cost to the owner to make them feel you’re not going to ruin the land. If you discover there are good amounts located on the earth, then the purchase will surely see real profits of money in your pocket.

There should still be some untapped area in North Dallas for extraction. This market could be slowing down soon with reports of drilling causing earthquakes from the extraction. Land prices could see a drop in the market from this but as to how much won’t be determined for some time from now. If land prices were to drop it would be a good time to purchase land but the drilling could start to slow or stop altogether due to public health concerns. It would shut the market in North Dallas altogether.

The shale gas market can have its up and down sides, but right now in North Dallas it’s still too early to tell if this market will be available for a long time or not.