In narrow race, primary candidate for Democratic Dallas DA asks for recount

The battle for the Democratic candidacy for Dallas County district attorney continues as a former state district judge has submitted a written request for a recount following results of the close race.

According to current election results, candidate Elizabeth Davis Frizell was defeated by a narrow margin, with her opponent, John Creuzot, garnering 56,612 votes over her 56,000 votes.

Frizell submitted the request on March 7, a day after the primary election, according to a statement from her campaign.

“Primary results released from Tuesday’s election show a very thin difference of 516 votes from

Elizabeth Davis Frizell and her opponent John Creuzot,” read the statement. “Frizell has not conceded as a result of speaking with the Dallas County Elections Administrator Toni Pippins-Poole, who informed her that votes are still being counted and confirmed from Tuesday’s election.”

However, in a post on his official Facebook page Thursday night, Creuzot wrote, “I have some good news. Dallas County Elections finished counting military ballots and some additional mail ballots today and my margin has increased to 612 votes from 516.”

During the final week of voting, Shaun King, a well-known civil rights activist with a large social media following, endorsed Frizell and reached out to his followers in a bid to raise money for her campaign.

WE DID IT!Soooooooo proud of you all!2,878 of you donated over $100,000 to help elect Judge Elizabeth Frizell as the next DA of Dallas, TX.THANK YOU!!We’ve literally spent all of that on the ground.We have teams calling, texting, and knocking on doors this very moment

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) March 4, 2018

Creuzot, a longtime state district judge, is known for his focus on rehabilitation, with a focus on drug abuse and mental illness treatment.

In her campaign, Frizell focused on an end to mass incarceration, cash bail bonds and misdemeanor arrests for possession of marijuana.

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