The commercial district in North Dallas

In North Dallas is some prime real estate for people that need offices, apartments, and warehousing for business. The apartments in North Dallas area can be some of the most profitable of the latter. Also, it can have some upsides and downside alike. We will first take a look at the positive aspects of the apartment business and then compare that to the negative outlook of running this type of business.

The income alone of owning apartments is very attractive. Even if you purchase a small complex of 8 units, this can have monthly income of $5000 or more. The cost would be around $60,000 a year. If your loan was $240,000 for the apartment and it was to be paid back in 10 years, then you’re looking at a payment of $2000 a month. This loan amount would include interest and fees, of course. The key would be to have enough credit, bank relation, and low-interest rates. An extra investor or person who could invest with you could make a good option as well. In this type of market its buy low and rent high or at least affordable.

If you plan on living in a unit and be an on-site owner/manager, I would advise against this until the loan is paid back. You will be taking income from yourself by, not renting it out. The goal should be to pay this loan as fast as possible. How do you know if you can keep the other seven units rented? You could be on the street with a huge loan to pay back. After the loan is paid off than living in an available unit could be a good option. If you’re sure that making the payment is no problem then living in a group could have some advantages. You will know if the people are making loud noise and breaking things that you might have to repair. You can provide speedy maintenance if you plan to do that yourself. Your tenants can pay for on-site if you decide to collect money from your apartment.

Now there are some downsides to all of this as well, as we begin to talk about them. You will have repair costs that can be very hard to predict or just flat out impossible to foresee. Renting to the wrong kind of people can leave your apartments a total wreck. Yeah, you have their deposit but $500-$600 won’t cover damage if in the thousands. Getting lawyers and courts to collect on damages can get costly, and you might not get the full amount of the repair cost either. It can be time consuming in courts. Let’s face it they don’t move fast. Let’s not forget about the slight possible acts of God that can occur that most insurance won’t cover.

Sometimes they do, or you can get a custom policy that can include tornados and disasters, but this will jack up the insurance cost a lot. Heavy winds can damage windows, tear off siding, and rip pieces of the roof off. You also have to keep liability down to a minimum. Lots of people overlook this one. Make sure there aren’t dangerous situations that someone could fall, break a bone, or flat out get hurt from. You don’t need a lawsuit from something that you could have avoided from happening. Courts will look at it this way also. If you could have done something to prevent an accident on your property, then you’re liable. It could be something as filling in a hole in the ground with dirt. Check your whole ownership and make sure you remove anything that can cause some form of danger to people.

Real Estate throughout Dallas

The apartments in the North Dallas are some of the most beautiful and well build the city has to offer. There is low-level apartments, and also high rises that are stunning. Some can span up to 20 floors or more. It is surely for the top prestigious people that this place has to offer.

Mid-level and lower level budgets can also find some outstanding places to live as well. Excellent clean parks are located close to some of these apartments for a place for your kids. It can also be a good meeting place for rest. Many people can be found there to meet someone new. There are excellent restaurants to visit as well. The food is good and can vary from Italian, Mexican, and Greek foods as well as many more.

For the business man, it can be a dream comes true. The commercial market is wide open for prime spots to start a new company. Many office style building can be found for purchase or rent. Most of the apartments in north dallas area have outstanding landscape that beautifies the area around the building. The quick access in and out of the parking lots, using many different routes, with a complex highway structure can be overwhelming at first, but soon in no time, you will be finding your way around with ease. Some well-known businesses are located in North Dallas and been there for a long time.

This area has many excellent houses and pleasant subdivisions. Schools located close by for the children to get to without spending much time driving. Parks are located close to or in some of these subdivisions as well. There are plenty of different churches to visit. You won’t have to travel very far to the church of your choice. Most of the larger ones are very well decorated and a work of art on their own.

The historic district is a very pleasant place to drive through or visit. Museums are located here with lots of history of the area and also some showing of the famous artist. From the time to time local artists can have their pieces shown as well. History buffs and the like will be blown away with what this area has to offer.

There are also many bars and clubs located here as well. If nightlife is your thing, then you won’t be left out with nothing to do. It can vary from sports bars and themed bars. My favorite is the 80’s themed bars. I can listen to music and dance from the awesome memories I have had in the past. Not to mention throwing back a few while I am doing it.

There are also pool halls to play a game at with someone. Some halls have over ten tables to choose from. Most of the bars have the quarter tables but if you don’t mind paying per hours the halls have it all.

To sum it all up, North Dallas is where it’s at. Never leave you bored or anything to do. It is the right place for vacation trips or moving your whole family here as well.

Real Estate Market

The estate market in North Dallas is moving slow but doing better in past years. The apartments in North Dallas are among some of the lowest in the market. Housing market has been seeing the most pickup in the previous years. A lot of this is due to the economy turning around and showing some positive growth. We have seen some investors in the stock market making some positive gains driving the housing industry out of their slump since the president took office in 2008. Most of this decline happens during the Bush junior presidency. The housing bubble was created and just so happens it couldn’t sustain much longer, and we saw the housing market crash in 2009.

Lots of people took these loans and thanks to good credit they were able to live sometime before things needed to be paid back. Some of the people didn’t have enough credit at all and still accepted. Like most things being bought on credit and loans, they had to be paid back at some point. With all their resources tapped out and dried up, we start to see defaults on loans and people going homeless and moving out. It was leaving the market stale, and now no one is looking to build homes or buy one that is on the market.

We are starting to see change. Jobs produced and now this is having the effect on the real estate market. Jobs are the fueling power to drive the economy and create better lifestyles for the people working them. They are starting new families and looking to purchase homes to live in. Homes are being built new again, and this is making new jobs or jobs are beginning to hire people to do work now. All of this has a significant impact on the market turning around to show some positive growth.

During the crash, people were able to get rock bottom prices on houses and even some small apartments in North Dallas area. Some of these homes and apartments were in bad shape. Lots of repairs needed to them but most found a way to make a profit or just sit on the property. Now they are selling these homes for a good profit with the turnaround and growth we see in the market today. This as well has a positive impact on the housing market.

Now I don’t know if this will happen. The case is hard to predict unless something has a significant impact on our society. The market has such a steady upstream that another crash would be unlikely. War could have an effect on this slightly. If the war fought on our soil, this would be a significant impact on the market in a negative way but if fought in foreign territory then investors would sell stock and buy war bonds, etc.

It would have a smaller impact, but this would be noticed with the slow but steady growth that’s incurring at the moment. It would take a major intent to hurt the housing market, but several smaller impacts would do the same damage. New loans being created should be looking at credit history better. Make sure these loans offered can be paid back by the lender. It was an important cause in the first place why the market took a turn for the worst. Helping people purchase a home who can afford it in the long run never works.

There are some excellent opportunities out there for the housing market. If things keep moving in a positive direction, we should see a good stable market in 5-10 years.

Apartment Living

In and around the North Dallas area has some of the most prestigious living areas the city has to offer. The apartments in North Dallas area provides the living in comfort and location that’s easy to travel too. Almost anything you would need in minute’s reach. Schools would only be minutes away alongside shopping in stores and malls. The entertainment and nightlife is filled with restaurants and dance clubs. The apartments can range from different prices with a full range that just about any budget could afford.

You have your typical one to two bedrooms in an apartment style living. Some of these are one level, so there is no need to climb stairs. That makes it easy on the elderly and disabled. They sport friendly prices range from $400 – $600. The price is determined by the area and convinces that you would need. Most of these are near bus lines that can help you get where you need to travel too. On the downside, you won’t be looking at having on-site gyms and other anonymity. Some have pools and on-site coin laundry to wash your clothes.

Then we have the medium priced range for apartments. These will fall in around $600 – $1000. You will be looking at two and three bedrooms, and better locations make theses a popular choice for most people. They’re not short on anonymity’s either. They can have full-size pools with diving boards. Including club houses with pool tables and sometimes even a full bar on-site! No more DUI’s as walking home isn’t far way. Full site laundry and workout rooms make this a popular choice. Not to mention free month rent, low deposit, and other types of move in specials. With all this, it’s easy to see why people prefer this price range of well build apartments over any other.

Now we move on to the final price range reserved for the rich and wealthy. Keep in mind these can go way up a month. $5000 a month isn’t unheard of for top level living. Most of these are found in the business areas and are high rise buildings. Well built and have many price ranges and different bells and whistles that you can choose from. Parking garages attached to the building using elevator access isn’t uncommon either. On-site kitchen and catering services are available as well.

You can even rent a helicopter flight, and some building have a landing pad for you to board the chopper via the roof. One of the most expensive ways to travel (and you thought cab fares are outrageous) but if you got the cash they got the pad to make it happen. Cleaning services are also available for the right price, of course. You could have your own maid right on-site but not living with you directly. Large dine-in style restaurants with 5-star services. These can be found either top floors or at the bottom. They can be private to the building residents and guests, or open to the public as well.

As you can see, the Dallas area has many choices when it comes to living. You just have to select the right place in a zone that offers you the most for your dollar.

Land for Shale Gas Extraction

We will be focusing mostly on the type of real estate land available for shale gas collection than the industry as a whole. Some of the apartments in North Dallas area sit on land that can be used for shale gas extracting. You would need permission of the property owner of course before you can start a project. The best way to get on the property is to contact the owner of apartments to inspect the land for shale gas. You will need a contract ready that sets some standards and puts the owner in on a type of payment structure, if you locate any gas. Try to get them to allow access for detection of the gas for free.

Let them know if any is found they can expect to see a 25% of a cut from profits. Be prepared to go higher as they will most likely have a counter offer ready. If they won’t allow you to inspect for free, try a simple payment of like $100 and we only need 3-5 hours access to the property. Make sure you keep this fee low as you don’t know if there is any there or not.

Land that is undeveloped is another likely choice. It could yield bigger profits if the area bought at the right price. In some cases, if the area cost is high shale gas extraction from it could still yield a nice profit. When finding land, you’re interested in talk to the owner and see if he would let you inspect the property as you are very likely to purchase the earth. Most of the time, they will agree. You can then check the area for free before you buy it. I wouldn’t let them know your real intentions.

If you find good amounts of shale gas, then the price of the land will go way up. They might even not sell the earth and try to extract it themselves or find a buyer in the shale gas industry and sell to them. Just let them know you’re checking soil and rock amount on the ground below to make sure it’s up to your standards. Offer to fix anything that gets destroyed in the process at no cost to the owner to make them feel you’re not going to ruin the land. If you discover there are good amounts located on the earth, then the purchase will surely see real profits of money in your pocket.

There should still be some untapped area in North Dallas for extraction. This market could be slowing down soon with reports of drilling causing earthquakes from the extraction. Land prices could see a drop in the market from this but as to how much won’t be determined for some time from now. If land prices were to drop it would be a good time to purchase land but the drilling could start to slow or stop altogether due to public health concerns. It would shut the market in North Dallas altogether.

The shale gas market can have its up and down sides, but right now in North Dallas it’s still too early to tell if this market will be available for a long time or not.